Legs of four ladies walking with small dogs

What is ‘Fitissh’?

I am almost 58 and love saying I’m nearly 60. We all have different views but I personally don’t feel the need to look younger. I do want to look and feel good for my age and to be as fit and healthy as I can without having to push my exercise to the max.

Doing some exercise is non negotiable. As we age, we loose muscle tone but it doesn’t mean we have to become slaves to fitness unless we love it want to. Simply find something you like doing make a commitment and just do it!

I power walk in the park 5 times a week – of course wearing specially designed Exofitness activewear.  Small pockets in our Exo LeggingsExo Baselayer Tops and Exo Jackets hold unique patented flexible weights, which up the ante by adding resistance. The walk is quite dynamic. It involves debating with mate regarding whatever is going on in the world or what we have read in our daily porn, Dailymail Online. The chatting keeps our brains active. Being amongst nature makes me happy. The wonderment at the trees, seeing the ducks, the flowers all contribute another dimension to my fitness and well being regime. It feels good for my soul. At the same time, I’m keeping my midlife muscles maintained and flexible.

I also do some kundalini yoga lite with a mate twice a week for 20 minutes.


I am not the skinniest girl in the world nor do I aspire to be. Instead my aim is to be fit-ish, or as I call it FITISSH. FITISSH can be defined as a happy medium between a gym bunny and a couch potato. It’s an ordinary person who may not ever have the perfect body but puts in enough effort to be healthy. In my case, I eat and drink whatever I want within reason. I also aspire to set aside some time each week to keep my muscles toned and stay healthy. The result is a fit-ish body, which is fine with me.

Are you FITISSH? Share your own stories with me on Instagram. Post a photo of yourself in Exofitness Activewear with #FITISSH and it will feature in the gallery on our home page. Can’t wait to see FITISSH make a difference in your life.