5 ways to squeeze in a daily walk

Walking has always been a great form of exercise, but its popularity has been on the increase over the last few years. During lockdown, walking or running suddenly became one of the only types of exercise and stress relief that was available. With gym’s, leisure centres and fitness classes closed we all used our allotted hour of ‘exercise time’ the only way we could.  However, it seems that lots of the UK’s population decided to stick with the new habit.  Looking at UK government figures, walking stayed popular after lockdown, becoming one of the UK’s favourite ways to workout. Check out this article in the July edition of Candis magazine featuring our founder Shelly Sinclair! … ‘A step in the right direction’ Sign up to Candis for free to read the digital copy.

Legs of four ladies walking with small dogs

So how can you squeeze in that walking time during your working week. Here are our top tips for maximising your exercise:-

  1. Walk to work. You might have to wear a smart suit or a uniform but put on your trainers and walk to work.  Keep your smart shoes under your desk and change once you get there.  You don’t need to walk super fast and get sweaty – start at a comfortable pace and you will get quicker as time goes by.
  2. Get off the tube/bus the station before home.  Just that extra 5 minutes walking will make all the difference to your overall health.
  3. Schedule in walking time.  Do you work from home and struggle to set foot outside the door during the day.  Add 10 mins into your lunch break and go for a quick walk before you eat.  I have to actually put this into my diary or it doesn’t happen!
  4. Walk in the evening.  Easier during the Summer, but start now and make it a habit!  Leave your trainers by the door and allow yourself 5 mins when you first arrive home to say hi/nip to the loo/grab a drink and then head straight out the door before you crash for the evening or crack on with the cooking.
  5. Walk with friends – if you’ve booked in a walk with friends or even a furry friend you are less likely to cancel.  Keep each other accountable.  Borrow a dog – Don’t have your own, or one you can borrow.  Try the app – Borrow My Doggy
Lady with dog wearing exofitness london activewear

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