Are you making the most of your daily walk?

Yey, the spring is finally sprung!  Well, we are getting there…  Time to spring into action and get outside!  Getting out and about is now so much easier without harsh winter weather to worry about.

So, what do you wear on your daily walks?  Are you making the most of your dog walk?

In today’s busy world we have less and less time to call our own and spend on our own well-being, whether that’s physical or mental.  Yet we all know how important it is to look after our health.

We are always multitasking, walking to the shops becomes time to listen to a personal development audio book as well.  Walking the dog, doubles up as your exercise or time to call a friend. So why not maximise your exercise and make the most of your time.

The time you spend, doing the housework, walking the kids to school or nipping to the shops, could be part of your daily exercise regime too.   But,… how?

Lady with dog wearing exofitness london activewear

With Exofitness London active wear you can use our flexible (and removable) weights to boost your workout.  Simply add the weights to the specifically placed pockets on the clothing and get on with your day.  The gentle added extra resistance improves your workout and muscle toning, whilst you are busy doing your usual routine. 

Older lady power walking in exofitness london activewear

Use those arms like leavers whilst walking, to tone up your upper body too.

Carry on with the cleaning, race around the supermarket and meet friends for coffee and dog walk, all whilst improving your fitness.  Exofitness London Active wear is stylish and doesn’t have any loud branding so this means it’s great for wearing out and about – good enough to wear whilst grabbing lunch with friends… (just maybe not at the Ritz!)  Don’t forget to tag us on Insta if you are out and about getting #fitissh.

The best part is that it’s super easy to remove the weights and chuck your Exofitness London activewear straight in the wash, but with the fab PUREHeiQ material you can count on long lasting freshness, so you won’t need to worry about getting stinky!

Sleeve of jacket showing removable weights
Unboxing of exofitness london activewear with weights

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