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Strength training over 50: why it’s important

“Time to put some weight ON” exclaims Anna Maxted. The Daily Mail Online writer recently donned an Exofitness jacket and Exofitness leggings and wrote about her finds. She concluded with one simple word “ingenious.” As far as strength training over 50 goes, we like to think so too.

The positive affects of strength training over 50 are well known. As we age we lose muscle tone and become less flexible. Our body deteriorates over time. Some studies show that we begin to losing lean muscle mass after we reach our 30’s.

Adding strength training to our routines will help protect against this loss. It can build the muscle back and in turn increase bone mass and health. Combining strength training with aerobic training can also boost our fat burning potential by increasing your resting metabolic rate. Surprise! This means you can actually burn more calories after your workout while sipping your coffee, tea or wine. 😉

strength training over 50

Adding weights to your routine can

  • Improve muscle tone, strength & condition
  • Help combat muscle deterioration that comes with age
  • Improve bone strength & density
  • Increase stamina and enhances performance
  • Improve weight management & reduce body fat by boosting metabolic rate and increasing calorie burn
  • Increase mobility & flexibility
  • Help with balance and posture