Midlife Maintenance

Midlife Maintenance + Weights + Mates

As we age, our bodies change and when going through perimenopause and menopause we lose muscle, tone and strength. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life and It’s something us Midlifers are acutely aware of. Just think of our arms! It is my firm belief that exercise is a bit non-negotiable so my whole schtick is keep FITISSH! no need to go crazy but Midlife Maintenance is key.

Just move – lying on the sofa won’t cut it!

I’ve found going for my walks each day, wearing my Exofitness kit makes my body work that bit harder. Because the beauty of the hidden weights is they are flexible and fit snuggly into the pockets of our specially designed activewear and just wearing the baselayer top helps my arms stay toned, without too much work! But movement is of course required just lying on the sofa won’t cut it… Come on move those arms and treat them like leavers going up and down. Colonel Hatha’s famous song with the elephants is on my lips as I demonstrate this – Up 1,2,3,4 you know the one!

Daily walk + talk + mates + weights

Walking most days in the park with the weights & a mate is my commitment to Midlife Maintenance – committing to something seems to be an important element. For me living close to a park is wonderful bringing much joy and happiness unless its raining of course, because I’m no fanatic, if it’s wet out , I’ll exercise at home; not risking having to wash my hair. But it’s not just about the exercise there is something about being outside in nature and being amongst the trees, cooing over the ducklings, getting up close and personal with the adorable swans, it really does feel good for the soul. Oh, and boy do me and my mate walk and talk – politics, cooking and the headlines in our daily porn: DailyMailOnline you name it we debate it….

Exofitness allows e to make the most of my exercise, fitting into my life not the other way around. In my case its power walking in the park but no matter what exercise you choose EXO gives you that little bit extra – we say our weights will certainly move you! And for sure not everyone can or wants push their exercise to the max but Exofitness helps me keep: 

  • Healthy
  • Flexible 
  • Fitissh

Spring into action put on your Exofitness activewear with flexible weights find an exercise you like and just do it!

  • Anyage
  • Anywhere
  • Anytime