5 ways to squeeze in a daily walk

Walking has always been a great form of exercise, but its popularity has been on the increase over the last few years. During lockdown, walking or running suddenly became one of the only types of exercise and stress relief that was available. With gym’s, leisure centres and fitness classes closed we all used our allotted hour of ‘exercise time’ the only way we could.  However, it seems that lots of the UK’s population decided to stick with the new habit.  Looking at UK government figures, walking stayed popular after lockdown, becoming one of the UK’s favourite ways to workout. Check out this article in the July edition of Candis magazine featuring our founder Shelly Sinclair! … ‘A step in the right direction’ Sign up to Candis for free to read the digital copy.

Legs of four ladies walking with small dogs

So how can you squeeze in that walking time during your working week. Here are our top tips for maximising your exercise:-

  1. Walk to work. You might have to wear a smart suit or a uniform but put on your trainers and walk to work.  Keep your smart shoes under your desk and change once you get there.  You don’t need to walk super fast and get sweaty – start at a comfortable pace and you will get quicker as time goes by.
  2. Get off the tube/bus the station before home.  Just that extra 5 minutes walking will make all the difference to your overall health.
  3. Schedule in walking time.  Do you work from home and struggle to set foot outside the door during the day.  Add 10 mins into your lunch break and go for a quick walk before you eat.  I have to actually put this into my diary or it doesn’t happen!
  4. Walk in the evening.  Easier during the Summer, but start now and make it a habit!  Leave your trainers by the door and allow yourself 5 mins when you first arrive home to say hi/nip to the loo/grab a drink and then head straight out the door before you crash for the evening or crack on with the cooking.
  5. Walk with friends – if you’ve booked in a walk with friends or even a furry friend you are less likely to cancel.  Keep each other accountable.  Borrow a dog – Don’t have your own, or one you can borrow.  Try the app – Borrow My Doggy
Lady with dog wearing exofitness london activewear

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Are you making the most of your daily walk?

Yey, the spring is finally sprung!  Well, we are getting there…  Time to spring into action and get outside!  Getting out and about is now so much easier without harsh winter weather to worry about.

So, what do you wear on your daily walks?  Are you making the most of your dog walk?

In today’s busy world we have less and less time to call our own and spend on our own well-being, whether that’s physical or mental.  Yet we all know how important it is to look after our health.

We are always multitasking, walking to the shops becomes time to listen to a personal development audio book as well.  Walking the dog, doubles up as your exercise or time to call a friend. So why not maximise your exercise and make the most of your time.

The time you spend, doing the housework, walking the kids to school or nipping to the shops, could be part of your daily exercise regime too.   But,… how?

Lady with dog wearing exofitness london activewear

With Exofitness London active wear you can use our flexible (and removable) weights to boost your workout.  Simply add the weights to the specifically placed pockets on the clothing and get on with your day.  The gentle added extra resistance improves your workout and muscle toning, whilst you are busy doing your usual routine. 

Older lady power walking in exofitness london activewear

Use those arms like leavers whilst walking, to tone up your upper body too.

Carry on with the cleaning, race around the supermarket and meet friends for coffee and dog walk, all whilst improving your fitness.  Exofitness London Active wear is stylish and doesn’t have any loud branding so this means it’s great for wearing out and about – good enough to wear whilst grabbing lunch with friends… (just maybe not at the Ritz!)  Don’t forget to tag us on Insta if you are out and about getting #fitissh.

The best part is that it’s super easy to remove the weights and chuck your Exofitness London activewear straight in the wash, but with the fab PUREHeiQ material you can count on long lasting freshness, so you won’t need to worry about getting stinky!

Sleeve of jacket showing removable weights
Unboxing of exofitness london activewear with weights

Find us on Insta @exofitness.london and don’t forget to drop in our hashtag #fitissh when you are out and about on the move!

Midlife Maintenance + Weights + Mates

As we age, our bodies change and when going through perimenopause and menopause we lose muscle, tone and strength. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life and It’s something us Midlifers are acutely aware of. Just think of our arms! It is my firm belief that exercise is a bit non-negotiable so my whole schtick is keep FITISSH! no need to go crazy but Midlife Maintenance is key.

Just move – lying on the sofa won’t cut it!

I’ve found going for my walks each day, wearing my Exofitness kit makes my body work that bit harder. Because the beauty of the hidden weights is they are flexible and fit snuggly into the pockets of our specially designed activewear and just wearing the baselayer top helps my arms stay toned, without too much work! But movement is of course required just lying on the sofa won’t cut it… Come on move those arms and treat them like leavers going up and down. Colonel Hatha’s famous song with the elephants is on my lips as I demonstrate this – Up 1,2,3,4 you know the one!

Daily walk + talk + mates + weights

Walking most days in the park with the weights & a mate is my commitment to Midlife Maintenance – committing to something seems to be an important element. For me living close to a park is wonderful bringing much joy and happiness unless its raining of course, because I’m no fanatic, if it’s wet out , I’ll exercise at home; not risking having to wash my hair. But it’s not just about the exercise there is something about being outside in nature and being amongst the trees, cooing over the ducklings, getting up close and personal with the adorable swans, it really does feel good for the soul. Oh, and boy do me and my mate walk and talk – politics, cooking and the headlines in our daily porn: DailyMailOnline you name it we debate it….

Exofitness allows e to make the most of my exercise, fitting into my life not the other way around. In my case its power walking in the park but no matter what exercise you choose EXO gives you that little bit extra – we say our weights will certainly move you! And for sure not everyone can or wants push their exercise to the max but Exofitness helps me keep: 

  • Healthy
  • Flexible 
  • Fitissh

Spring into action put on your Exofitness activewear with flexible weights find an exercise you like and just do it!

  • Anyage
  • Anywhere
  • Anytime


Strength training over 50: why it’s important

“Time to put some weight ON” exclaims Anna Maxted. The Daily Mail Online writer recently donned an Exofitness jacket and Exofitness leggings and wrote about her finds. She concluded with one simple word “ingenious.” As far as strength training over 50 goes, we like to think so too.

The positive affects of strength training over 50 are well known. As we age we lose muscle tone and become less flexible. Our body deteriorates over time. Some studies show that we begin to losing lean muscle mass after we reach our 30’s.

Adding strength training to our routines will help protect against this loss. It can build the muscle back and in turn increase bone mass and health. Combining strength training with aerobic training can also boost our fat burning potential by increasing your resting metabolic rate. Surprise! This means you can actually burn more calories after your workout while sipping your coffee, tea or wine. 😉

strength training over 50

Adding weights to your routine can

  • Improve muscle tone, strength & condition
  • Help combat muscle deterioration that comes with age
  • Improve bone strength & density
  • Increase stamina and enhances performance
  • Improve weight management & reduce body fat by boosting metabolic rate and increasing calorie burn
  • Increase mobility & flexibility
  • Help with balance and posture

What is ‘Fitissh’?

I am almost 58 and love saying I’m nearly 60. We all have different views but I personally don’t feel the need to look younger. I do want to look and feel good for my age and to be as fit and healthy as I can without having to push my exercise to the max.

Doing some exercise is non negotiable. As we age, we loose muscle tone but it doesn’t mean we have to become slaves to fitness unless we love it want to. Simply find something you like doing make a commitment and just do it!

I power walk in the park 5 times a week – of course wearing specially designed Exofitness activewear.  Small pockets in our Exo LeggingsExo Baselayer Tops and Exo Jackets hold unique patented flexible weights, which up the ante by adding resistance. The walk is quite dynamic. It involves debating with mate regarding whatever is going on in the world or what we have read in our daily porn, Dailymail Online. The chatting keeps our brains active. Being amongst nature makes me happy. The wonderment at the trees, seeing the ducks, the flowers all contribute another dimension to my fitness and well being regime. It feels good for my soul. At the same time, I’m keeping my midlife muscles maintained and flexible.

I also do some kundalini yoga lite with a mate twice a week for 20 minutes.


I am not the skinniest girl in the world nor do I aspire to be. Instead my aim is to be fit-ish, or as I call it FITISSH. FITISSH can be defined as a happy medium between a gym bunny and a couch potato. It’s an ordinary person who may not ever have the perfect body but puts in enough effort to be healthy. In my case, I eat and drink whatever I want within reason. I also aspire to set aside some time each week to keep my muscles toned and stay healthy. The result is a fit-ish body, which is fine with me.

Are you FITISSH? Share your own stories with me on Instagram. Post a photo of yourself in Exofitness Activewear with #FITISSH and it will feature in the gallery on our home page. Can’t wait to see FITISSH make a difference in your life.

The benefits of working out with weights, Soliman Laurence puts Exofitness to the test

The benefits of working out with weights, Soliman Laurence puts the Exofitness London integrated system to the test. As one of the top nutritionists and body conditioning experts in London he should know what hes talking about!


The combination of compression clothing and the exofitness unique integrated flexible system of weights works well. The weights conform to the contours of the body and enable an enhanced workout because there is no restriction of movement. Your hands are free so giving an added benefit for working out with weights.


During sports activity muscles move around a lot more (through impact, knocks and vibration), losing energy in the process. Compression garments such as the exofitness https://exofitnesslondon.com/shop/compression-high-waisted-leggings-4-weights/ keep the muscle in its best position.

More energy is generated by the muscle and it goes in the right direction. Blood flow is improved meaning faster delivery of nutrients to the muscle, and quicker removal of waste products and aiding muscle power. Compression clothing also makes us more aware of where our limbs are in space without actually having to look. This is important in everyday movements helping us with our co-ordination.


The exofitness weights flexibility mean they move in harmony with the muscles & body rather than a dead weight. The the weights pads are evenly distributed around the activewear giving an overall compound weight bearing resistance. Having a positive effect on individual muscle groups and the beauty is you don’t feel them when they are in! Win Win

The benefits of working out with weights is more efficient exercising, helping to maintain lean efficient muscle, rather than bulk and less stress on joints and ligaments is good.

During body resistance training

  • dips
  • chins
  • press-ups
  • lunges, etc

Exofitness activewear added resistance without any sort of hindrance. It was the perfect aid in all areas of cardio providing the necessary weight resistance, making cardio more intense!

Increased heart rate & calorie burn in less time – what’s not to love.

Heres an interesting short article from the New Scientist


Using Exofitness during the free-weights training session made me feel ‘the pump’ much quicker than normal. The overall compound weight of Exofitness helps the smaller muscle groups that would generally not be engaged during a workout.

exofitness weights


  • Full range of movement is possible.
  • The weight resistance helped engage both smaller and global muscle groups.
  • Weights and limbs not compromised in weight resistance workout.
  • No interference with overall body mechanics.
  • Increase heart rate, calorie burn and workout intensity.