Working out with weights

The benefits of working out with weights, Soliman Laurence puts Exofitness to the test

The benefits of working out with weights, Soliman Laurence puts the Exofitness London integrated system to the test. As one of the top nutritionists and body conditioning experts in London he should know what hes talking about!


The combination of compression clothing and the exofitness unique integrated flexible system of weights works well. The weights conform to the contours of the body and enable an enhanced workout because there is no restriction of movement. Your hands are free so giving an added benefit for working out with weights.


During sports activity muscles move around a lot more (through impact, knocks and vibration), losing energy in the process. Compression garments such as the exofitness https://exofitnesslondon.com/shop/compression-high-waisted-leggings-4-weights/ keep the muscle in its best position.

More energy is generated by the muscle and it goes in the right direction. Blood flow is improved meaning faster delivery of nutrients to the muscle, and quicker removal of waste products and aiding muscle power. Compression clothing also makes us more aware of where our limbs are in space without actually having to look. This is important in everyday movements helping us with our co-ordination.


The exofitness weights flexibility mean they move in harmony with the muscles & body rather than a dead weight. The the weights pads are evenly distributed around the activewear giving an overall compound weight bearing resistance. Having a positive effect on individual muscle groups and the beauty is you don’t feel them when they are in! Win Win

The benefits of working out with weights is more efficient exercising, helping to maintain lean efficient muscle, rather than bulk and less stress on joints and ligaments is good.

During body resistance training

  • dips
  • chins
  • press-ups
  • lunges, etc

Exofitness activewear added resistance without any sort of hindrance. It was the perfect aid in all areas of cardio providing the necessary weight resistance, making cardio more intense!

Increased heart rate & calorie burn in less time – what’s not to love.

Heres an interesting short article from the New Scientist


Using Exofitness during the free-weights training session made me feel ‘the pump’ much quicker than normal. The overall compound weight of Exofitness helps the smaller muscle groups that would generally not be engaged during a workout.

exofitness weights


  • Full range of movement is possible.
  • The weight resistance helped engage both smaller and global muscle groups.
  • Weights and limbs not compromised in weight resistance workout.
  • No interference with overall body mechanics.
  • Increase heart rate, calorie burn and workout intensity.