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Burn more calories and build muscle just by doing your daily routine!

Multitask Your Day

Adding resistance makes simple power walking, targeted training or just about any exercise more effective. Don’t have the time? The added resistance of Exofitness London activewear can turn even a day of running errands into a workout.

All our products have built-in pockets designed to fit our removable weight pads. The weights are flexible, ensuring optimum comfort and are evenly distributed across muscle groups, maximising your movement.

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Benefits of adding weights

Working out with weights can

  • Improve muscle tone, strength & condition
  • Increase stamina and enhances performance
  • Help with weight management
  • Reduce body fat Boost in metabolic rate
  • Improve mobility, balance and posture
  • Help combat muscle deterioration that comes with age
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Recommended by Soliman Laurence, Body Conditioning Expert

“Full range of movement is possible. The weight resistance helped engage both smaller and global muscle groups. Weights and limbs not compromised in weight resistance workout. No interference with overall body mechanics.Increase heart rate, calorie burn and workout intensity.”

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Exofitness London activewear was founded by Londoner, Shelley Sinclair.

A keen power-walker, Shelley found she had reached a plateau in the benefits she was seeing from her daily routine. When adding hand-held weights resulted in restriction and inflexibility, she set about inventing a solution – like you do!

Shelley began to devise tops and bottoms that contained weights strategically distributed across muscle groups. The fabric she used was light, breathable and nice enough to be worn almost anywhere. The flattering shape created by the compression of the material made her want to wear the activewear every day. She saw results almost immediately as she began reaching her training goals far more quickly.

Eager to share her discovery with others, Shelley created the Exofitness London brand.